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Is an Indiana native and loves horses and unicorns. Her favorite things in the whole world are (in order): Bobby, her awesome cat DAGGERS, fun with her family, ice cream and pizza, baking cupcakes, crafting, laughing and Bobby again. She recently left a 10-year newspaper career to pursue event design. She works part time at Smeeks candy store and freelances for Sweet Republic and Hotel Congress. Please contact Julia if you have any contacts within the Phoenix area event/wedding field!

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Julia deleted her myspace, and doesn’t believe in Facebook (but she does believe in UNICORNS!).

literally... what IS up?


Hailing from the streets of Bakersfield, California, Bobby is AMAZED to have met the girl of his dreams, Miss Julia Zolondz, and BEYOND EXCITED to make her his wife. He is really into Julia (!), robots and action figures, old country records, cartoons, Russian barbers and Kung Fu. He spends his days toiling away as a production artist/graphic designer, and is always quick with a pop culture reference that is usually tangential to the current topic at hand… He spends his time off organizing iTunes, playing video games, building with LEGO, exploring outlets for his creativity, and traveling with his girl at his side.

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