Family Picture Out-Takes

June 21, 2009

Yeah, yeah, I know… long time no post.

The truth is, we are pretty busy individuals, and super-lucky-ultra-busy when we are also planning our wedding. Julia has been either behind a sewing machine, or manning a glue gun, or knee deep at goodwill trying to snatch coveted fabric out the gnarled hands of old amish women, and I, ever dutiful, have been close by her side or at the most a few scant steps behind. I feel bad that I don’t find myself as busy (although I do have a list), so hopefully blogging on more of ┬áschedule will make me feel better.

Below are some out-takes from our invitations (they’ll be covered in full detail in an upcoming post)… Most of the lucky invited have received them already, and we don’t wanna spoil them completely for those who have not.

That cat is Daggers, a foreclosure cat who found her way to our back door one afternoon… She was real skinny and pathetic, and quite frankly, we are suckers for that, so now she’s ours. As you can see, she really loves being held.

For those of you who have received your invites, please return the enclosed postcard as soon as you can. it’s already stamped, and you don’t have to be Michelangelo or any of the other ninja turtles to crank out a decent design for the front, although some of the ones we have received are SPECTACULAR. the sooner we get back your yay or nay, the sooner we can get on with the whole process, so hop to it!

-(mostly)Bobby & (in spirit)Julia


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