Forget New & Blue… Old & Borrowed is AWESOME!

March 17, 2010

We spent so much time at Goodwill over the year and a half of our engagement, I practically knew the workers by name.  If I was to make a pie chart of our time, you could see my point but, now I am too hungry for pie to make such a chart.

Going through the photos, so much of our wedding was old/used/vintage/borrowed, you’d think it would smell musty! Jaykay, it smelled like dreams and rainbows.

Read about more vintage finds over at my post about etsy. All photos (unless otherwise noted) are by the fabulous Chris Hinkle and Anthony French of Mira Weddings.


We made our cupcake platters for $1-$5 each. All of the plates, vases and candlesticks for the platters were collected over a series of half-price Saturday Goodwill days, and then epoxied together.


Also at Goodwill, I bought one of my favorite finds, a big ol’ bag of twine (about $3). Because we had a more “rustic” theme, I used the twine EVERYWHERE. From hanging the response cards, to bows around centerpieces (The ball jars holding cowboys cost 50 cents used vs. more than $1 new), and a bunch of other details like holding colored pencils in bundles and attaching tags to welcome bags, I didn’t even make a dent in our twine supply. Why spend all that money on color-matching ribbon? TWINE IS MIGHTY FINE! (centerpiece photo by Sabrina Kordys)


Most of the fabric for our DIY fabric banners was from Goodwill, too and some of the cowboy prints were vintage bought from ebay. Fabric at Goodwill is CHEAP and plentiful. (photo by Sabrina Kordys)



A couple more goodwill items: we bought hats for those cowboys who left theirs’ behind at the ranch, and misc. toys placed around the room, like this Derringer cap gun. If you’re getting married, start going to half-price Saturdays NOW. You WILL find something for your wedding, but not if you expect to a few weeks before the date. (Cowboy hat photo by Tod Zolondz)


We didn’t hit up too many garage sales, but a local church rummage sale yielded two great finds. For $1 each, we bought a GIANT roll of ribbon (used on our lollipop arrangements and to wrap the bottom of my bouquet) and this lovely cowboy bunny. Did we need a cowboy bunny? Ehhh that’s a matter of opinion!

And now for what we got for FREE

oh yes. FREE…


My glasses cost around $20 at an antique store (and the prescription lenses were covered by insurance) but that’s where my accessory budget ends. My pearl necklace, earrings and bracelet were all high school graduation presents and my headband from my erm… ever-growing stash of headbands.


My veil was made by a family friend by sewing lace from my mother’s wedding dress onto her old veil. It may have fit my dress better to have something shorter or birdcage-style, but free and family heirloom just seemed so much more appealing.


Likewise with my ring pillow. We could have had something made for us fitting with our theme, but the ring pillow from my sister’s wedding, made by my grandmothers 15 years ago felt more “us” than anything custom.


Our bride and groom were a very late addition to the mix. Our officiant handed us some used figurines (they looked really ’80s) that did not resemble us… AT ALL. The bride was wearing a long Navy dress, the groom was blond, etc. We splashed some spraypaint left from our cat frame, and PRESTO! Pop art wedding topper!

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