How Did We Do It? – PART II

July 9, 2009

For Part I, click here.

Below is the view finder text of each slide, followed by an image of the Viewmaster slide itself, and then a breakdown of everything going on in each scene. If you think they look cool here, imagine how good it looks in glorious 3D! If you’re interested in the more technical stuff, check out this page.


SLIDE 1 – Julia & Bobby together with their parents

Mecha Godzilla, Bandai; Parents’ wedding photos, personal collection circa 1975 & 1969; 1980s Unicorn, Julia’s Sister Patty’s childhood collection (now on extended loan to the Julia Zolondz collection); Car-Nivores Shark, Fisher Price; Magnetic Cat (standing in for DAGGERS!) and Mouse, Yikes Toys in Tucson; Pink Converse All Star keychain, Lizzie McGuire movie promo; 1980s Avon Ice Cream Cone Perfume, Julia’s childhood collection; FLCL Canti Robot, Bobby’s collection; Sculpey Brontosaurus with a mustache (he’s not extinct, he’s in disguise), original Bobby creation from Jimenez Family Craft Night.

See those awesome platters everything is resting on? you’ll get a closer look at those if you come to our Tucson reception!


SLIDE 2 – Invite you to their wedding

Back row: LEGO Dragon, Tucson thrift store (for FREE!); Bamboo Zoo triplets, Red Hot Robot, kidrobot and Rotofugi; Vintage Star Wars Greedo and 7 Hammerhead figures, assorted toy shows and antique stores (Hammerhead is probably Bobby’s favorite vintage Star Wars figure).

Front row: LEGO minifig Boba Fett, Stormtrooper, Sculpey Brontosaurus with a mustache (he’s the only duplicate item… the mustache makes him sneaky like that), LEGO minifig Cowboy, Indiana Jones, Batman, Power Miners monster, Red Robin Spyrius robot, Power Miner, Studios Werewolf, Vintage Brickbeard the Pirate (thanks Trinidad!), Blacktron, Clonetrooper, MOC Space Pirate, Forestman, Germany Exclusive Quik Bunny, Yeti, Spridle from Speed Racer, Cowboy Bandit, Scuba Diver, MOC Kanye West (LEGO pick-a-part at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, CA), MOC Bobby, Hagrid (Standing in for Sifu Martin D. Werner), MOC Julia… All from our vast LEGO collection.

This slide (#2) has something in common with the very last slide (#7)… Can you figure it out?


SLIDE 3 – on Saturday November 7, 2009 at 11am

Mini King Ken purple variant, Red Hot Robot; Hasbro 12″ Scale R2-D2, Bobby’s collection; TOMY Owl Answer Clock, eBay (replaced Bobby’s childhood one which is MIA); Porcelain Cat, thrift store; Baby, dollar store; Exclusive Swizz Beatz Peecol, kidrobot.


SLIDE 4 – at the Hotel Congress in Tucson, AZ

Max Toy Co’s Eyezon – Clear Purple Guts Edition, Red Hot Robot; Lambchop, Julia’s collection; Exclusive LEGO Opening Day Cactus Vignette, Chandler AZ LEGO store; CowCo Peecol, Red Hot Robot; Starscream Mighty Mugg, Hasbro; Panda jewelry box (Julia’s engagement ring lives in here, and was used in the proposal).


SLIDE 5 – Brunch and cupcakes to follow

Playmobil unicorn (Julia LOVES unicorns! She even played one once onstage with The Flaming Lips!), Julia’s 29th birthday; Squeaky Bear with Hat, Frances; 1980s Mr. T doll, eBay; Hamburger Hello Kitty, Learning Express; Ceramic Traveling Dog pencil sharpener, party favor from Bobby’s 5th birthday. We cheated on the cupcakes and had Albertson’s make them. The vintage Pyrex nesting mixing bowls were donated by Julia’s Grandma.


SLIDE 6 – for more info

Back row: Boba Fett Pez dispenser, gift from Bobby’s Dad; Toy Story Bo Peep, Hunter’s 3rd birthday party 2007; Monchichi, Julia’s childhood collection; Mini Takara Henshin Cyborg – Smoke Grey, Rotofugi; Mr. Skull Pez dispenser, Bobby’s collection; RxH Mini Fortune Cat, Red Hot Robot.

Middle row: Bambi, McDonald’s Happy Meal toy; DJ Domo kun, Target; Bunny.

Bottom row: Dancing rabbit, Easter gift for Julia; Wind-up Tin Robot, Julia’s collection; LEGO Space Skulls drone; Electric typewriter, St. Luke’s Octoberfest rummage sale.


SLIDE 7 – See you in Arizona!

Cactus, next door neighbor’s yard. Bobby was in his pajamas the afternoon this was shot. Sorry, neighbors!

This slide, along with the the LEGO ceremony pictured in Slide 2, are the only ones without the little plastic cowboys and indians… Don’t worry though, we are gonna put them into good use at the reception!



We hope you all enjoyed seeing all the work and history that went into our invitations. They were recently featured in a post on, one of Julia’s favorite wedding websites… We’re sure more of our wedding will end up there soon!

-Julia & Bobby

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