How Did We Do It? – PART I

July 3, 2009

I recently had a Q&A session with…. myself.. to give you a special behind-the-scenes look at our invites!

Q: You look great today, have you done something with your hair?

A: Hahah! Oh, self, you’re so flattering, but let’s get down to business…

Q: How did you make the photos 3D?

A: Well… We rented this camera from Studio3D for the weekend, set up the shots from stuff around our house on the kitchen table, rounded up some posterboards for backdrops and clicked away. Here’s some shots from when we were still planning what would go into each frame.

The camera is two digital cameras together at a distance, one upside down, to simulate your eyes. We sent the images, our logo and the text to Studio3D and they hooked us up with the awesome reels.

Q: Did you plan out all your scenes or did you wing it?

A: A little of both! Bobby and I knew that 7 frames, with 3 lines of text 15 characters long wasn’t a lot of room, so we first planned out what we wanted to say and grouped it into 7 ideas we wanted to get across to our guests. We then storyboarded each idea and figured out if we need to buy any supplies. The cupcakes are from Albertson’s grocery store, I wanted something colorful without having to bake an entire batch, tint different colors of frosting, etc. The last frame with the cactus was completely unscripted. We had just spent the weekend setting up 6 elaborate displays and we were a little spent. So we walked outside to the neighbors cactus in our pjs and called it a DAY!

Q: So you bought all those toys for the photoshoot then?

A: Um.. No. we own all of them.

Q: Well surely you had to dig them out of some boxes?

A: Err… No, our house is covered in toys. Every square inch.

Q: I see

A: What’s that suppossed to mean?

Q: Gawd, chill out, Julia


Q: So after you sent in the files, what happened?

A: We got a GIANT BOX OF VIEWMASTERS in the mail! Who else can really say a whole case of viewmasters just popped up at their house one day? We stuffed them into boxes with homemade buttons and magnets, plus the reply cards and sent them on their merry way! (The typewriter in the slide is the same one used to address the labels on the boxes…)

Q: What are you doing with the reply cards?

A: Right now, we’re storing them in this awesome toy reel-to-reel we scored last time we were in Indiana. The card at the top is our most recent addition. We’ve gotten some great cards, full of creativity and we hope to incorporate them into the reception.

Q: Why did two graphic designers do something totally the opposite of paper invitations?

A: We knew a lot of our invite list wouldn’t be able to make it. With the combination of a destination wedding, our family scattered across the country and the economy, we wanted to give all of our invitees something special even if they can’t be there to share the day with us.

In Part II, we’ll actually show you what’s on each slide and explain why everything is where it is and where it came from… Stay tuned!

UPDATE: For Part II, click here.

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