We luv Johnny!

April 20, 2010

After listening to Johnny Cupcakes speak at ASU last month and leaving SUPER SUPERRRR inspired, we couldn’t WAIT for his return as part of the back-to-basics suitcase tour, appearing at Red Hot Robot. When I arrived at Smeeks Friday morning, there were 10 people in line, including two kids from California who had arrived at 10:30 the night before. When I got out of work at 2, I took my spot as 20-something in line and waited. And waited and waited until about 8 pm!  But it was totally worth it! All the fellow Johnny Cupcakes fans were so sweet and nice and once Bobby joined me at 4, time flew by. He bought an awesome hat (only 150 of these bad boys exist!)

and two tees and we got a handful of tour-exclusive buttons and stickers. We’re pretty sure we were the oldest people there, except for like… a random dad. But hey! Whatever, right?!

Thanks Johnny Cupcakes for a fun-filled night! You can VAGUELY see us in the video below, but mostly you can catch a glimpse of the badassness of the cupcake van. It played mario theme songs through an ice-cream-truck-like speaker!

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