March 5, 2011

Yeah, we know… long time no post. We do apologize!

We are both really busy with YEAR TWO and our respective jobs and everything else in-between. We promise not to leave such a long gap next time. We’ve got a few adventures planned for 2011, but before that we should really cover how we closed out 2010.

It had been a while since we had a big party at the house, and with Christmas coming up it made sense to plan something special. Julia heard about an authentic London double decker bus for rent that somehow made its way to Phoenix. We booked it for the night before Christmas Eve and invited 60 or so of our closest friends to take a tour of the holiday lights. Through some strange legal loophole, we were allowed to eat, drink, and be merry on the bus as it made its way from spot to spot.

We started with pizza for everyone in our 1,200 sq. ft. home and a little pre-game Christmas cheer (SHOTS and MULLED WINE) before our ride arrived. It was kind of a surreal experience, having a double decker party bus show up in our neighborhood. Some of the neighborhood teenagers were pretty blown away, so much so that they wouldn’t get on when we were ready to disembark. Maybe they thought it was strange? We thought it was MAGICAL!

We really had a blast, and hope that everyone else did too. While it was a sort of booze cruise, no one got out of hand and nothing got smashed enroute, at least that we know of. CHRISTMAS SPIRIT, EVERYBODY!

Some things we learned:

  • Quieter people naturally gravitated to the first floor, while if you were on the second floor you were immediately indoctrinated as a member of the wild bunch.
  • Vuvuzelas are NOT allowed on the first floor of the bus, as they can be distracting to the driver (Side Note: Julia stopped at a 24-hour Toys ‘R’ Us on her way home from a grueling holiday shift at Tinyprints and purchased every vuvuzela in the store for the party. They are now considered collector’s items) .
  • Some people are REALLY into Christmas, so much so that they’ll allow a motley crew of 50+ strangers into their house to check out their awesome Christmas Village display which ultimately pales in comparison to the grandeur they had set up outside. Our nephew Trinidad even got to use their bathroom, and guess what? IT WASN’T EVEN DECORATED!
  • At the time of our party, 4loko was still readily available in Phoenix-area liquor stores.

If you missed it, we’re sorry—It was one for the record books. It was definitely a unique way to enjoy the holidays and to spread some cheer to all our friends. The only one who didn’t have a stellar time was Daggers, who did not like having so many people in her house at the same time. She let her thoughts about the party be known later on as she purposely failed at some cat acrobatics and smashed a LEGO model into its original brick-y form.



-Bobby & Julia

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