It’s all Good, from Diego to tha’ Bay, Your City is tha’ Bomb if Your city Makin’ Pay!

April 15, 2010

So remember when we said we’d update this blog with adventures that WEREN’T about the wedding?

yeah um… we haven’t had a whole lot of them yet! We were still knee-deep in weddingness until late February and it’s just recently that we’ve been able to climb into some resemblance of normal life! Who knew!?

Last weekend we went to San Diego for an overnight quicktrip, here are some photos we took  along the way!

First up: a stop at Dateland, Arizona for date shakes!

These facilities are for pets only, you greedy humans!

We stayed at a remodeled midcentury hotel that was MUCH smaller than I expected, The Pearl.

23 rooms circle the pool, where they host dive-in movies every Wednesday.

And you can play board games in the shag-carpeted lobby:

Our room featured all kinds of cool details, like a wallpaper panel from Geoff McFetridge,

wood stump stools, a plush and comfy bed,

and our own fish named Felix!

our room reservation included two cocktails and an appetizer at the bar downstairs

Who can resist a request with a pretty please??

The amazing “Christian the bartender” chatted about Phoenix with us and made the greatest drinks. We didn’t snap a picture of him, so here’s just a funny picture of a bartender to substitute:

One of my delicious drinks, the Bee’s Knees, had gin, honey, lavender syrup, lemon juice and GUMMI BEARS! And for the appetizer, we had the Bacon Confit with a potato cake and duck egg. I can still taste the Bacon, it was sinful!

After having fancy drinks, we headed over to The Casbah, the real reason for our mini-trip. The Casbah’s been a music landmark for 20 years and has all kinds of great stuff inside: like original Shepard Fairey stickers,

a light-up last supper painting,

and old-school videogames like Galaga, where Bobby nabbed the top score.

The main event: Adam Green! Adam played 19 HITS, danced his ass off and entertained the 17 people in attendance. That’s 1.117 songs per person!

Bobby and I seemed to be the only ones dancing and singing and everyone else looked pretty detached. Didn’t get a picture of that, either, but here’s one from a  “detached hipsters” google image search:

See, it’s ok for me to make fun of hipsters, because we also took a cliche picture of ourselves in the mirror with our iphones and i texted the set in real time to my friend Brian. We’re just as bad!

After the show, we stumbled on an exhibit opening at subtext for Brian Flynn, a really cool artist whose work we’ve seen at Super7 on our honeymoon in San Fran. We bought a small print  from another artist, Steve Morris, called “A Reception of Accident with the Woodland King’s Court.”

Then we tried to score some free booze at the party upstairs, but were denied. Maybe we looked like tourists?

Next up: we climbed THE GIANTEST HILL EVER to get to the Imperial House to meet up with two awesome friends from college, Chris and Heather. For some unkown reason, I forgot to take pictures of them, but they are adorable and amazing, just like puppies and kittens!

We drank and chatted and laughed and most of all, GROOOOVED to the sweet stylings of the legendary Rick Lyon:

After some gossip, laughter and pizza, we returned to the hotel to rest up for a little shopping the next day in Old Town San Diego. Old Town SD was pretty cheezy, but we loved visiting Gunnzo, where we got a frostie beats toy, and we annoyed a whole store of people by playing with “pull my finger” fart pens.

Bobby also ran into FUTURE BOBBY. We hope history hasn’t been altered as a consequence of this meeting.

Thanks San Diego for a great time! We love you and your thoughtfulness toward ducks!

And your amazing guitar signs with floating heads!

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