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September 11, 2009

With less than two months to go, we are SO excited to share the day with our friends and family! Here’s a preview of the brunch reception at Copper Hall after our ceremony at Club Congress. We are going for a Southwestern Brunch served family-style:

* Tender pulled pork served with a tequila ancho barbecue glaze
* Jicama coleslaw
* Southwestern corn pudding frittata with jack cheese and green chiles
* Freshly baked biscuits with black pepper gravy
* Fresh fruit
* Aqua fresca– pitchers of piña & cantaloupe
* Iced tea
* Cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!

All entrees (except for the pulled pork) are vegetarian friendly.

You may notice something missing from the menu: a Champagne toast. We’ve opted out of toasts and there won’t be Champagne at the tables. And I know this is a hard thing to stick to, because it defies every etiquette book, but we are also having a cash bar.

This is a very sensitive subject for me, as I have been to so many lovely wedding receptions and there is always alcohol flowing freely (and me drinking it… freely) but we had to make a hard decision that would feel right for our budget and the scope of our event.

Before we were even engaged, Bobby and I knew we wanted to wed in Arizona, where we live, play, work and also where we met and fell in love. And we also wanted to throw it ourselves with our own money and complete control over our vision. It has been so much harder than I would have imagined to save money for the wedding while keeping afloat during a recession when daily living expenses keep rising and our paychecks have either been cut or stagnated. The sacrifices will be completely worth it, but it is still a struggle. Lastly, we made a personal decision that the only way we could be happy after the event was over was to pay for the entire wedding and honeymoon in cash. No credit cards, no loans, no IOUs—just dead presidents.

I know you are traveling to Tucson to support us in our new adventure together, and won’t be upset that you’ll need to buy your own drinks or that there won’t be a rehearsal dinner or post-wedding hosted brunch, but it doesn’t mean I don’t feel guilty about not being able to host everyone to the extent I’d like. In my dream world, I would pay for everyone’s hotel, everyone’s flights, everyone’s meals all weekend, one pony per family (you know, like a favor!) and then take everyone to Disneyland the next day.

So those are the things you won’t be seeing when you get to Tucson. What you WILL see is a ceremony and reception straight from our hands and hearts. We’ve been hand-crafting, thrift-store shopping, sale-stalking maniacs with DIY projects galore. You won’t show up to a cash bar and see that we’ve opted instead for an ice sculpture (although this Robocop one was great) or that we blew the majority of our budget to hire the Jonas Brothers as our band, even though that would be amazing… What you WILL see are lots of little personal touches for our guests that we hope  express just how honored and overjoyed we are to share the day with people who are so important in our lives. And that, I hope you’ll agree by the end of the day, is even better than a free watered-down rum and coke.

See you SOOOOON!


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