Wedding FAQs

November 26, 2008

Have you read any of the FAQs on people’s “wedsites?” They always seem sorta umm…. Made up to me. Like, did someone ACTUALLY ask those questions? For example, Where should I put my aluminum cans after I finish my soda? Really? someone asked you that?! They asked you that FREQUENTLY? hmmm…. Or how about Do I have to do the chicken dance? Is that really on someone’s mind?

Well anyway, I don’t want our FAQ to be fake-yDo you have any burning questions? Put it in the comments! We’ll address all of them in an FAQ page up above. It doesn’t even have to be about the wedding, it can be about goat mating habits (don’t get too personal!) or where to get a great hamburger in Phoenix or Bobby’s favorite Blizzard flavorjust ask it! It will be like that game show with all the questions! You know the one! QuestionZone! Or something!


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